Start Your LLC Today

Step 1: Select a Package

  • We will review the database of the Secretary of State to see if the name you desire is already taken.Preliminary Name Check
  • If we receive your information by 2:00 pm Central, we will prepare your Certificate of Formation on the same day.Same Day Processing
  • The Certificate of Formation (aka Certificate of Organization or Articles of Formation) is the document that is filed with the State. The filing of the Certificate of Formation is only the first step to forming a business.Prepare Certificate of Formation
  • This document is sometimes called Articles of Organization.File Certificate of Formation with State
  • We will email all documents to you in PDF format (or Microsoft Word) as soon as they are ready. Email Delivery of Documents
  • At your request, we will hire a professional registered agent to serve as the registered agent for a discounted price of $120/year. It is typical for one of the members to serve as the registered agent (for free).Hire a Registered Agent upon request
  • This is a 7 page letter that explains the LLC and provides guidance on staying in compliance.Compliance Instructions
  • This is the governing document of an LLC.Customized Operating Agreement
  • The organizational meeting is how the business handles the important day 1 activities like issuing ownership interests, electing officers, approving the governing document, etc.Organizational Meeting Documentation
  • This is a resolution that authorizes an agent to open a bank account on behalf of the LLC.Resolution for Banking
  • This is used to track who owns the LLCCompleted Transfer Ledger
  • The company book is a high-quality leatherette three ring binder where important business documents are kept. If you request a company book, we will compile the formation documents and other items ordered from us within the book before mailing the finished product to you.Company Book and Seal
  • Generally, businesses need an EIN. An EIN will be required to open bank accounts and lines of credit, hire employees or set up benefit plans.Federal Tax ID# (EIN) Obtainment
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